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The Bitcoin Halving is complete: what's next?


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The Bitcoin Halving is Complete: What’s Next?

The time has finally come, causing both excitement and fear in the cryptocurrency mining and gambling worlds. On May 11th, the most popular form of cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, just experienced its first Bitcoin halving after four years, cutting the mining block award from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. This also reduced the Bitcoin’s inflation rate, leaving a fundamental change that could quite possibly have long-last effects on the original price of digital currency. Though there is a good reason for these regulatory practices to take place, it surely is something that leaves those heavily invested in this revenue stream wondering.

Fun Facts Since the Bitcoin Halving Event:

  • This Bitcoin halving is the third one in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin’s history
  • Currently, it takes about ten minutes for miners to obtain a new block
  • Because of the built-in safeguards that prevent too many blocks from being mined too fast, such as Bitcoin halving, it is estimated that mining will still be around until the year 2140
  • The last two halvings in 2012 and 2016 did, in fact, have lasting impacts on Bitcoin pricing. It did not shoot up immediately, but it did gradually increase in the following months. Right now, the current market is still stable since the Bitcoin halving took place, which is about the same as it was the previous two times. It is hard to say if this 2020 halving will have the same outcomes as past events, but it is wise to prepare for it now and stock up

Cryptocurrency Gambling Still in Full Swing

The cool thing about Bitcoin halving is that because the mining became less profitable, it resulted in people giving up their mining efforts, leaving just the most dedicated ones to continue. Though the days where you could find tons of $100 or $1,000 bitcoins are far and few in between, it could still be in the distance future.

With that being said, one of the most popular ways to get your hands on some valuable Bitcoins is through trying your luck with cryptocurrency gambling. Right now, it is the perfect time to try gambling with bitcoin Because you could collect tons before the price skyrockets even more. Bets with significant upsides with a little downside are always a smart investment to make. Think about it from a futuristic perspective: a Bitcoin jackpot that you win today could be worth ten times more in the next year or two.


Was this your first Bitcoin Halving experience? If so - how was the experience? Let's discuss below!

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