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5 Reasons Gambling and Crypto are Better Than COVID-19


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bitcoin-2643159_1280.thumb.jpg.47460075a7f1ec85043395fcaafd6dc2.jpgI know it sounds crazy. I am not making light of a topic that is very grim. I am sincere. 
It is already a scary enough world. I worry too much, you worry too much we all worry like grandmothers. 

Don't get me wrong, Grandmas are the best of all the people. However, I am not even close to being one yet. 

Anyway- to keep us all from becoming eternally cranky I have put together a list of 5 reasons that crypto gambling is the best thing to do while locked up and self quarantined for the stupid virus that took over the world. 

Gambling is better than COVID-19 because 

1. Gambling online requires no physical touch- at all. No germs transferring from players, no spread of that nasty virus. 

2. The money is clean.  No I do not mean laundered. I mean clean. Cash in hand is gross, dirty, scummy paper that has been every where from a strippers cleavage to a lumberjacks smelly socks. Cash is the dirtiest item on the planet. Not Cryptocurrency!  Crypto is electronically transfered  so there will never be germs in your money when you send it on a blockchain. 

3. Banks close. Blockchains don't. BC Game will always be open for new business. We won't turn you away. BC is open. Online is the only way. 

4. Banks  take money from you to borrow it from you then charge you a fee  for the loan you just gave the bank. Messed up reality, right? Gambling crypto at least means you have a choice. 

5. Crypto is border-less. Send money anywhere in the world way cheaper than if you choose to wire it the old fashioned way. Crypto is faster technology and it is controlled by the network of users. Clearly cryptocurrency is a great way to send money and to spend it. it is much better for people who are sick of unfair rates to send money to people in far away places. 

So place your bets, and play safe at home. Good boys and girls. 


🦋 █╬ ███ ██▄ █╬█ █╬█ 🦋         
🦋 █╬ █▄█ █╬█ █▄█ █▄█ 🦋
🦋 ██ █╬█ ███ ╬█╬ ╬█╬ 🦋


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