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How To Post GIFs In Chat


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If you don't want to create your own GIF, select one from the GIPHY website and skip to Step 5.


Step 1. Go to https://giphy.com/ and.....

  • Click "upload" if you already have a finished GIF
  • or
  • Click "create" if you want to add captions, stickers or customize.



Step 2. Choose GIF or MP4  file from your library.



Step 3. Customize, write your caption, click "continue to upload."

  • Pro Tip - Use a LARGE FONT or it will be very hard to read in chat.



Step 4. Click "upload to Giphy".... again.



Step 5. Get the code to paste into BCGame chat

  • Click "copy link"
  • then
  • copy only the letters and numbers in the link. (see below image)
  • Pro Tip - On some browsers you will have to copy the entire link and paste it somewhere else to extract the part you need.



Step 6. Type the code from Step 5 in chat like I do in the example below. Replace where I typed "your code" with the code you copied in Step.5

  • [gift=your code]
  • ⬇️ it will look like this ⬇️
  • [gift=hXI5zrDGIgBmbytQTE] 


Step 7. Enjoy the dank meme or GIF you just uploaded.

That's it. Easy Peazy. After you do it a few times, the process takes only a minute or two.

Thanks @🤘CaPtN🤘 for teaching this to me.


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thanks for sharing


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Надо попробовать. спасибо за подробную инструкцию.

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On 4/19/2021 at 10:12 AM, Guest said:


I saw you saying that a Mod banned you for you did not give him tip. Could you give me the screenshot to prove it and I will give you a solution. 

Thank you.


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Why it is not working? Am i wrong?


Edited by jainviral1988
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try [gif=your_code] not [gift=your_code] 


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